mturk tray

mturk tray is a program for Windows XP/7 that makes turking faster and easier.

It is a non-intrusive program that sits in the system tray (next to the clock) and has the following features.


  • Easily copy your mturk ID to the clipboard
  • See which hits are assigned to you.  A notification will appear for assigned HITs that are about to expire
  • Keep tabs on your 40 most favorite requesters or HITs.  A notification will appear as soon as these HITs become available
  • Share great HITs with others by  easily converting a HIT into a forum friendly format.  The HIT will color code keywords and qualifications.  Instead of the TO being linked, it will be included.


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  • mturk tray (zip file), version v1.43
  •     CHANGES     
  • 1.43, 2013-06-06
  • Fixed bug where some of your Favorite HITs would not be displayed in the popup window
  • Message box will appear when mturk tray is having trouble communicating with the mturk web site
  • Removed some redundant code that was not needed any more
  • Fixed off by one error in Favorite HITs popup window
  • 1.42, 2013-06-06
  • Fix for Windows XP users
  • 1.41, 2013-06-05
  • Fixed crashes and stability issues
  • Now tested with Internet Explorer 10
  • Favorite HIT notification completely revamped. HITs are now clickable! This progam is called mturk_tray_notify.exe.
  • The length of time (in seconds) the HIT notification window is shown is controlled by display_time= in the mturk_tray.ini file
  • Added new survey helper: from a long word, find others: waterfall => water,fall,all,art,wet,...
  • Replaced ampersand, greater than, less than symbols where appropriate

Installation and Usage

  • This program has been developed under Windows 7.  Since most turkers use either Firefox or Chrome, mturk tray uses Internet Explorer so that it will not interfere with your normal turking activities. 
  • Unpack the zip file to c:\ which creates a c:\mturk_tray folder, run mturk_tray_client.exe.  This will walk you through the program's setup.  You will enter in your mTurk ID and some of your favorite HITs.  You can interact with the program by clicking on the blue paperclip icon in the system tray near the clock.
  • You will need to make sure that Internet Explorer is logged into the mturk dashboard.  This program does not use your email address and password.  Instead, it relies on Internet Explorer for all communications to and from the mturk website.
  • Click Assigned HITs to see all of the hits you are working on.  A warning will appear if one of your HITs is about to expire.
  • Click Favorite HITs to edit your mturk searches.  Favorite HITs are checked every 3.5 to 4 minutes.  While the program is checking for new HITs other features are paused.  The exception is that you can always press Ctrl-F3 to copy your mturk ID to the clipboard.


mturk tray

The forum output when using the Posting a HIT feature:

Currently Assigned Hits

Favorite Hits Notification

Favorite Hits Editor